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Social Media Consulting

Good news! You don’t need the mainstream press and pricey one-sided marketing campaigns to reach the public, get publicity, and build your brand.

These days, each of us is in the publishing and media business. This is probably not what you had planned or trained for as a career path. 

But our reality is this: Everyone has a press pass. But most people don’t know how to effectively use this privilege and power to grow organizations and revenues. Today, you own your content and decide how and when it’s distributed. 

  • How is your organization presenting content to clients, prospects, stakeholders, and the community? 
  • Does your team have the resources, editorial judgement, time, and interest to filter the massive volume of information that’s available online?
  • Are you able to distill relevant and timely information and present it in a way that is engaging, compelling, cohesive, and reader-friendly?

Businesses, professional associations, and nonprofits are hiring Susan to curate (filter) content and information for their websites, e-newsletters, intranets, blogs, and communication strategies.  

Susan’s extensive news, writing, and social media experience is key in our new digital age. She monitors industry developments, news, and trends — filtering out the must-know from the who cares.

It’s time to transform your internal and external communication!

Organizations hire Susan to:

  • Create content for your blogs, articles, videos, e-newletters, websites, and interviews
  • Position you as the ‘go-to resource’ and expert in your industry by curating and filtering information
  • Bring traffic to your site by managing news feeds with up-to-date and interesting information 
  • Teach you how to build rapport, trust and influence online
  • Conduct communication audits to improve communication strategies with digital and traditional PR and messaging
  • Increase your visibility, credibility, and revenues with strategic and proven social media tactics and content marketing
  • Provide social media training and coaching for digital newcomers 
  • Consult on online crisis communication, brand reputation, and media interviews

… and more!

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